How to Create the Perfect Locum Tenens CV

Jul 10, 2024


Creating a strong CV is essential for locum tenens physicians. A well-crafted CV can open doors to numerous opportunities. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to create the perfect locum tenens CV.

Start with Personal Information

Begin your CV with your personal information. Include your full name, contact details, and professional email address. Make sure this section is clear and easy to find.

personal information

This should be a brief overview of your skills and experience. Highlight what makes you a great candidate for locum tenens positions.

Key Points to Include

  • Years of experience
  • Specializations
  • Key achievements

Education and Training

List your education and training in reverse chronological order. Include the name of the institution, degree obtained, and dates of attendance. This helps potential employers understand your background.

education training

and state licenses. This is crucial for locum tenens positions.

Professional Experience

Detail your professional experience. List your roles in reverse chronological order. Include the name of the institution, your role, and dates of employment.

Responsibilities and Achievements

Under each role, describe your responsibilities and achievements. Use bullet points for clarity. Focus on what you accomplished in each position.

professional experience

Skills</ your capabilities.

Examples of Skills

  • Clinical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills


End your CV with references. Include at least two professional references. Provide their names, positions, and contact information.

Final Tips

Proofread your CV carefully. Ensure there are no errors. A well-written CV can make a strong impression.

final tips

luck with your job search!