Top 5 Myths About Locum Tenens Debunked

Jun 15, 2024

Understanding Locum Tenens

Locum tenens work has grown in popularity among physicians. However, several myths surround this type of work. Let’s debunk the top five myths about locum tenens.

Myth 1: Locum Tenens Is Only for New or Retired Physicians

Many believe that only new or retired physicians take on locum tenens assignments. This is not true. Physicians at any stage of their career can benefit from locum tenens work. It offers flexibility and variety that can be appealing to many.

Myth 2:

Another common myth is that locum tenens positions lack stability. While it’s true that these assignments are temporary, many physicians find steady work through locum tenens agencies. They can even choose assignments that fit their schedule.

Locum tenens can provide a stable income and diverse work experiences. This can be a great way to balance work and personal life.

Myth 3: Locum Tenens Physicians Are Less Qualified

Some people think that locum tenens physicians are less qualified than their full-time counterparts. This is far from the truth. Locum tenens physicians must meet the same qualifications and standards as any other physician. They often bring a wealth of experience from various settings.


Myth 4: Locum in rural or underserved areas. While there is a demand in these areas, locum tenens positions are available in urban and suburban locations as well. Physicians can choose assignments based on their preferences.

This flexibility allows physicians to explore different work environments and communities.

Myth 5: Locum Tenens Assignments Are Short-Term Only

Many believe that locum tenens assignments are always short-term. While some assignments are short, there are also long-term opportunities. Physicians can find locum tenens positions that last several months or even longer.

In conclusion, locum tenens work offers many benefits and opportunities for physicians. Understanding the truth behind these myths can help physicians make informed career choices. Loc