Top Tips for New Physicians Considering Locum Tenens Work

Jun 10, 2024

Why Consider Locum Tenens Work?

Locum tenens work offers new physicians a chance to explore different medical environments. It allows flexibility in scheduling and location. Many find it a great way to gain diverse experience early in their careers.

By working in various settings, you can decide what type of practice suits you best. It also helps you build a broad network of professional contacts.

Before committing, understand the duration and location of the assignment. Some positions may last a few weeks, while others can extend for months. Make sure the location works for you both professionally and personally.

Workload and Responsibilities

Different assignments come with different workloads. Some may require you to handle a high volume of patients, while others might be more relaxed. Clarify your responsibilities before accepting an assignment.

Preparing for Assignments

Licensing and Credentials

Ensure all your licenses and credentials are up to date. Each state has different requirements, so research what you need for your assignment location. This step is crucial for a smooth transition.

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2>Maximizing Your Experience


Use this opportunity to network with other healthcare professionals. Building relationships can open doors for future opportunities. Attend local medical events and engage with your temporary colleagues.

Learning and Growth

Each assignment is a learning opportunity. Take note of different practices and techniques. This experience can make you a more versatile and skilled physician.

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